About Teaneck 2020

Teaneck 2020 is a developing, incorporated group of Teaneck citizens, encompassing virtually every race, creed, and dozens of nations of origin. Our name, Teaneck 2020, describes our mission. We are focusing our attention on the town we would like Teaneck to be a decade from now, the year 2020. We hope to use clear 2020 vision to achieve our goals. We are committed to a vision of an improved township with social and economic diversity, a quality school system and non-partisan government without ties to any special interest. We believe that this can only be accomplished by educating as many people as possible on the functions of town government and current events, and mounting a meaningful effort to get out the vote.

Those of us in Teaneck 2020 believe that these are crucial, yet exciting, times in Teaneck. There are significant concerns about the transparency and responsiveness of our town government. Only by engaging the electorate will we be able to protect the non-partisan government, not beholden to any special interest group, which has been a trademark in Teaneck for 80 years. Only then will the valued social and economic diversity and fine school system be ensured.

Teaneck 2020, Inc., 492c Cedar Lane, Box 258 ,Teaneck, NJ 07666 -